CNRS Gold Medal to Jules Hoffmann

Congratulations to HFSP alumnus Jules Hoffmann on being awarded the 2011 CNRS Gold Medal for his pioneering work on insect immunity. This highly prestigious award is given annually to an exceptional  French scientist. Many recipients of this honour have gone on to win major international awards such as the Nobel Prize or the Fields Medal. Jules Hoffmann is Emeritus Senior Researcher at the CNRS and Professor at the University of Strasbourg. He was coordinator of an HFSP research grant in 1995 on "Phylogenetic perspectives of the innate immune response" with Charles Janeway (Yale University, USA), Alan Ezekowitz (Harvard Medical School, USA), Fotis Kafatos (Imperial College, London, UK) and Shunji Natori (National Institute of Agrobiological Sciences, Tsukuba, Japan). This work is cited in the CNRS press release and was summarised by four of the team members in a highly cited review in Science (vol 284, 1313-1318, 1999).

In addition, HFSP alumni Giacomo Cavalli and Bruno Goud were awarded the 2011 CNRS Silver Medal for original, internationally recognised research and Alexis Gautreau and Tâm Mignot (see also recent paper) received the Bronze Medal for early career researchers.