HFSP 25th anniversary celebrations

In 2014, HFSP marked a quarter century of funding frontier research with two commemorative anniversary events in Lugano, Switzerland and Strasbourg, France. 

A special anniversary meeting on the theme ‘Human Frontiers’ was held on July 5th, just prior to the 14th Awardees Meeting in Lugano.  An exciting programme featured talks on subjects as diverse as architecture and space exploration.  This meeting was filmed and the resulting short video clips are available on the HFSP website via the link below.

A second celebration took place in Strasbourg, the hometown of the Secretariat, on October 28th. This was an occasion to thank the City of Strasbourg and the Region Alsace for their unwavering support of the Program since its establishment in 1989.

You can read more about the 25th anniversary events and see the videos from Lugano here: http://www.hfsp.org/about-us/hfsp-25th-anniversary