HFSP Alumni News: Simon Boulton awarded the 2011 Francis Crick Lecture

The Francis Crick Lecture is a prize lecture awarded annually by the Royal Society. Simon's award is for his exceptional achievements in the field of DNA repair. He will give the lecture on 7 December 2011.

Simon received an HFSP Fellowship in 1998 to work with Nicholas Dyson at the MGH Cancer Centre at the Masachussetts General Hospital. After a second postdoc with Marc Vidal at the Dana Farber Cancer Centre, Harvard Medical School, he joined Cancer Research UK as a group leader in 2002. He was promoted to Senior Scientist in 2007.

This honour follows the award to Simon of the 2011 EMBO Gold Medal, which he will receive at The EMBO Meeting in Vienna (10-13 September, 2011) where he will give a talk on his work.