HFSP awardee leads breakthrough in Ferroptosis cell death research

Congratulations to HFSP awardee Marcus Conrad and his team of international collaborators for their recent discovery that Ferroptosis, a form of cell death, can be pharmacologically inhibited. This study, published in Nature Cell Biology, holds great promise for the development of new therapies for various diseases such as degenerative disorders

A press release on this story from the Helmholtz Center Munich is available here.

Dr. Conrad of the Helmholtz Center Munich, Germany was awarded an HFSP Program Grant in 2014 together with co-investigators Valerian Kagan, University of Pittsburgh, USA, Judith Klein-Seetharaman, University of Warwick, UK and Fulvio Ursini, University of Padova, Italy. Their project “Oxidized lipidome: the unspoken language of non-apoptotic cell death” will expand our knowledge of lipid oxidation in this exciting new area.