HFSP grant awardee from India receives the 2012 Infosys Prize for Life Sciences

HFSP grant awardee Satyajit Mayor was awarded the 2012 Infosys Prize for Life Sciences. Satyajit Mayor is a three time grant awardee from HFSP (1996, 2005 and 2012) and currently Senior Professor of Cellular Organization and Signaling Group at the National Centre for Biological Sciences (NCBS), Bangalore (India). In his research grants he truly lived up to the HFSP spirit in collaborating with colleagues from the USA, Germany, Switzerland, and more recently from Spain and the Netherlands.

From the jury’s citation:
“Satyajit Mayor’s earliest independent contributions were to define the nanoscale organization of GPI-linked proteins using fluorescence anisotropy, showing that these proteins exist in small (tens of nanometers) clusters, fundamentally clarifying the way in which membrane ‘rafts’ are now understood. He then went on to show that these microdomains are organized by actin and are endocytosed by a novel pathway that is clathrin- and dynamin-independent and regulated by cdc42 – this newly-discovered pathway is also responsible for a significant fraction of the micropinocytosis (fluid-phase uptake) by cells. He followed up on this discovery with a broad-scale analysis of the mechanisms of several different pathways of endocytosis of different classes of membrane proteins. This work has implications for endocytosis of immune regulators and modulation of immune responses (by HIV and other pathogens). He developed and applied fluorescence microscopic methods to another important problem, the analysis of gradients of morphogens important in pattern regulation in development and in cancer, such as Hedgehog and Wnt signaling, providing fundamental insights into the detailed mechanisms involved, and opening possible routes to intervention in such diseases.”

The Infosys Prize is awarded annually by the Infosys Science Foundation. For further information on the prize please visit: http://www.infosys-science-foundation.com/.