HFSP grant team goes robotic to test dynamic running gaits!

HFSP grant PI Monica Daley (Structure and Motion Laboratory, Royal Veterinary College, Hatfield UK) and team members from her laboratory are currently testing a robot in their laboratory to compare its performance to walking and running birds. The robot ATRIAS was sent to the UK by grant team member Jonathan Hurst (Dept. of Mechanical, Industrial, and Manufacturing Engineering, Oregon State University, USA) a few days ago. The robot and 4 engineers from the Oregon State University arrived on July 08 and they are going to stay until July 26. After a set-up and test week the team plans to do experiments until the end of July.

It is possible to follow the test via a blog where the team already started posting pictures, information and updates about the robot shipment and the tests at http://atriasatrvc.wordpress.com.

The aims of this HFSP funded research grant with the title “Fundamental Principles of Dynamic Running Gaits” are to develop and test mathematical models of the dynamic behavior of bipedal running. Studies on the dynamic behavior of running birds (guinea fowl) and a running robot as each undergo the same set of experimental perturbations, such as a sudden push or change in terrain height will be used to verify the model predictions.