Students eager to work abroad gather at the University of Tokyo

The Todai campus of the University of Tokyo was the venue for a unique event in the Japanese academic community on 4 July 2011: a Career Day for Ph.D. students was organized by the HFSP in collaboration with JSPS and the International Office on campus. The program included speakers from foreign and domestic funding organizations presenting their support mechanisms with special emphasis on postdoctoral work. An open career forum following the afternoon talks offered ample time for asking questions and for exchange between student participants. The number of early bird registrations (75) hinted that there was a great demand for information within the student community. Surprisingly the number of students in the audience during the afternoon talks more than doubled indicating that the topic struck the right chord with PhD students. A closer analysis revealed that participants came from a variety of Universities in the greater Tokyo region and a few came even as far as from Kyoto to listen to the presentations. The participants took every opportunity during the breaks and the final reception to make the most of the possibility to gain first-hand knowledge of career possibilities abroad.

Some impressions of the meeting: