Support for Japan from HFSP Alumni

What can we do to support friends and colleagues in Japan? We have been following with concern and sympathy the tragic events following the earthquake and the struggle to contain the reactor in Fukushima and we know of HFSP awardees in Japan who have been seriously affected.

Former HFSP Fellow, Philipp Selenko at the Leibniz Institute of Molecular Pharmacology (FMP) in Berlin and colleagues are setting up a web site to coordinate efforts of the German scientific community to support Japanese scientists ( Suzi Jarvis, former HFSP Young Investigator, who worked in Japan for 8 years, also calls upon the scientific community to do everything possible to support Japanese scientists whose work has been disrupted (see link below) .

HFSP fully endorses moves to provide opportunities for colleagues in Japan to continue their work with the support of the international community. For our part we will ensure that HFSP awardees affected by these events can continue their projects, for instance, by sending their lab members to collaborators in other laboratories or extending formal deadlines for using HFSP funds.  

We encourage scientists and institutions around the world to consider how they can help.

Link to Nature Blog about Suzi Jarvis and Philipp Selenko