Two more HFSP alumni win Nobel Prizes

We are very excited to congratulate HFSP alumni Martin Karplus and Michael Levitt for receiving the 2013 Nobel Prize in Chemistry jointly with Arieh Warshel "for the development of multiscale models for complex chemical systems".

Both Nobel Laureates had been supported previously by HFSP: Michael Levitt was a 2008 research grant recipient and is actually hosting an HFSP Fellow who was awarded in April this year. Martin Karplus was the principal applicant of a 2005 research grant and in the past has hosted three HFSP Fellows in his laboratory (1994, 1995, and 1998).

There are striking similarities in both of their grant proposals worth mentioning. The two grants brought together truly interdisciplinary teams assembling scientists from a broad spectrum of the life sciences including neurobiology, biochemistry, computation science, chemical engineering, biophysics and structural biology. Moreover both grants were successful in integrating laboratories of young investigators into the team effort without just paying lip service to one of HFSP’s credos of engaging younger scientists in international research collaborations. Overall both projects are extraordinary examples of HFSP’s vision of funding innovative research projects at the frontiers of the life sciences.