Wednesday 30th March 2011

The Royal Society report on changing patterns of international collaboration and emerging nations. For full report see the Royal Society website.


Tuesday 29th March 2011

HFSP is pleased to announce the 2011 Research Grant, Fellowship and Career Development Awards. For the lists of awardees approved by the Board of Trustees on March 28th see HERE


Tuesday 29th March 2011

Web update: On slime moulds and insects - intercontinental grant team led by David Sumpter, Uppsala, Sweden unravel principles of collective decision making in an HFSP Success Stories article.


Tuesday 22nd March 2011

Alumni news: Congratulations to HFSP Grant awardee Stefan Hell from the Max Planck Institute for Biophysical Chemistry, Göttingen for the Hansen Family Award 2011 from the Bayer Foundation. The award was given for his breakthrough in the field of microscopy that now allows images to be resolved down to 20-50 nm in living cells. Stefan Hell is participating in a project funded by HFSP with Valentin Naegerl, Bordeaux, France and Wen-Hong Li in Dallas, Texas, USA, on "Nanoscale...


Friday 18th March 2011

What can we do to support friends and colleagues in Japan? We have been following with concern and sympathy the tragic events following the earthquake and the struggle to contain the reactor in Fukushima and we know of HFSP awardees in Japan who have been seriously affected. Former HFSP Fellow, Philipp Selenko at the Leibniz Institute of Molecular Pharmacology (FMP) in Berlin and colleagues are setting up a web site to coordinate efforts of the German scientific community to support Japanese scientists...


Thursday 17th March 2011

Web update: HFSP has published a Strategic Outlook for the coming years. The document outlines the mission of the Program with perspectives for the future.


Wednesday 2nd March 2011

Web update: new article posted on Karl Deisseroth and optogenetics. See Frontier Science Matters


Monday 28th February 2011

Alumni news: Congratulations to Stefan Jentsch for the 2011 Louis-Jeantet Prize. The prize is given to scientists whose fundamental research is of considerable potential significance for medicine. The prize was given for his pioneering work on the modification of proteins by ubiquitinylation. Stefan Jentsch was involved in a 1992 HFSP grant with Bruce Futcher, then at Cold Spring Harbor and Kim Nasmyth, then at the Institute for Molecular Pathology, Vienna, which concerned the degradation...


Thursday 24th February 2011

Web update: new HFSP success story by Career Development Holder Henrik Ehrsson. See also new article by the Ehrsson group "The Illusion of Owning a Third Arm" Links: Body self perception on HFSP site "The Illusion of Owning a Third Arm" on PLOSOne site


Thursday 10th February 2011

New HFSP web site launched with a facelift and new content. This replaces the old site, whose structure stemmed from 1997. The new site aims to present more of the research performed by the HFSP community as well as having articles dealing with issues related to international and frontier science. A special section is available for the HFSP alumni to facilitate contact, collaboration and discussion. We hope you enjoy the new site! Some of the older content on the previous site is not yet available...