Friday 5th October 2012

Our congratulations for receiving the 2012 NIH Director’s Pioneer Award go to HFSP fellowship alumni Anne Brunet (Stanford University) and research grant alumni Hidde Ploegh (Whitehead Institute).


Thursday 27th September 2012

24 HFSP alumni have been awarded a Starting Grant from the European Research Council in the latest competition. The ERC Starting Grant has become a standard for innovative, bottom-up funding at the European level. Young scientists selected by HFSP at critical points of their careers continue to be successful in such highly competitive awards. Of the 24 HFSP awardees who received an ERC Starting Grant, 17 have been supported by HFSP postdoctoral fellowships, of whom 8 also received the...


Thursday 20th September 2012

HFSP will be at the EMBO Meeting in Nice from 22 - 25 September.  Guntram Bauer and Rosalyn Huie will be present at booth 17 in the exhibition hall for the duration of the meeting.


Tuesday 18th September 2012

The Human Frontier Science Program Organization (HFSPO) is pleased to announce that the 2013 HFSP Nakasone Award has been conferred upon Stephen Quake of Stanford University for his pioneering inventions and discoveries that made innovative physical techniques available for biology and that are revolutionizing biophysics, biological automation, genome analysis, and personalized medicine. More information HERE.


Friday 14th September 2012

Our congratulations for receiving the 2012 NIH Director’s Innovator Award go to HFSP fellowship alumni Axel Nimmerjahn and Björn Lillemeier (both at the Salk Institute for Biological Studies, CA). Also successful were Cliff Brangwynne (Princeton University, NJ) and Sua Myong (University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign, IL) who are team members in a 2012 HFSP Research Grant (“RNA helicases in RNA/protein body assembly and function: a multi-scale approach”).


Wednesday 12th September 2012

“The 2012 Albert Lasker Basic Medical Research Award honors three scientists for their discoveries concerning cytoskeletal motor proteins, machines that move cargoes within cells, contract muscles, and enable cell movements. By developing systems that allow reconstitution of motility from its constituent parts, Michael Sheetz (Columbia University), James Spudich (Stanford University School of Medicine), and Ronald Vale (University of California, San Francisco) established ways to study molecular...


Monday 3rd September 2012

The next opportunity for awardees and scientists interested to speak with HFSP representatives is during the forthcoming 22nd IUBMB - 37th FEBS Congress in Sevilla from September 4th to 9th 2012. Guntram Bauer and Rosalyn Huie will be present at the HFSP stand (exhibition booth No 8) for the entire conference.


Friday 27th July 2012

" Protein molecules organize and catalyze most of the metabolic and growth activities of cells. Each protein begins its life as a long linear chain of amino acids whose chemical properties and interactions dictate the final folded shape and functional qualities of enzymes and structures within all biological cells. Some proteins fold spontaneously in the test tube, yet others require protein “chaperones” to guide folding in intact cells and in the test tube. Beginning in 1989, Franz...


Friday 29th June 2012

We are sad to hear of the death of Tom Duke of the London Centre for Nanotechnology at University College London. Tom was a member of the HFSP Review Committee for Research Grants and was a leading figure in biological physics. We send our condolences to his family, friends and colleagues.