Hijacked journal

Hijacked journal: Scientists interested in publishing their research should be aware that HFSP does not operate a journal. A recent case of a manuscript submission to a so-called “HFSP Journal” revealed that this is a hijacked version of the former HFSP Journal which existed from 2007 to 2010. This journal has now gone out of business and has since evolved into the Journal “Frontiers in Life Science” operated by Taylor & Francis.

At the end of August, 2015 an email alert was distributed to ask for manuscript submissions to the fake journal containing a link to a fraudulent website that displayed a falsified postal address of the HFSP Secretariat in Strasbourg, France.

HFSP wants to alert the scientific community NOT TO submit manuscripts to the hijacked HFSP Journal and NOT TO PAY any money.

The hijacked HFSP Journal uses the following website: www.hfsp-journal.org.

How can you detect that it is a fake journal?

  1. On their website (see screenshot below), the scammers display a JIF for the bogus journal but the associated link leads to an unrelated page on the ISI Thomson Reuters website.
  2. Archival links that lead you to a login page where you are asked to pay USD 610. All back issues of the real HFSP Journal are freely available via the Taylor & Francis website, which hosts its successor “Frontiers in Life Science”.

Screenshot of hijacked journal website