Awards Archive

Awards Archive

The search form below allows you to search for current and previous HFSP Awardees. The search form currently encompasses the years below. Earlier years are in an incompatible data format but will be converted where possible in the near future.

Research Grants (Young Investigator and Program Grants): 2004-2017
Career Development Award (CDA) holders: 2003-2017
Long-Term Fellows (LTF): 2002-2017
Cross-Disciplinary Fellows (CDF): 2005-2017

Short-Term Fellows (STF): 2000-2009 (this program has now been terminated)

The institutional affiliations are those at the time of the award. The HFSP community is very mobile and awardee addresses might have changed in the meantime.

Note that the topics funded in the past do not necessarily represent the current priorities of the HFSP. Please consult the current guidelines for further information.

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