HFSP and the Nobel Prize

The Nobel Prize is awarded each year for outstanding achievements in physics, chemistry, physiology or medicine, literature and peace. It is considered to be the most prestigious of all international honours.

HFSP is proud of its awardees who have gone on to win the Nobel Prize. Since the first HFSP grants and fellowships were awarded in 1990, 28 grant awardees have gone on to win Nobel Prizes in the fields of Physiology or Medicine, Chemistry and Physics.

HFSP also monitors other major prizes and awards received by members of the HFSP community. These are published annually in the Annual Reports.

HFSP is also very pleased to collaborate with the Lindau Nobel Laureates Meeting that is held annually in Lindau, Germany. HFSP Fellows participate regularly in these meetings, giving them the opportunity to interact with Nobel Laureates and their peers from throughout the world.