Lindau Nobel Laureate Meetings

HFSP Fellows are regular participants of the annual meetings of Nobel Laureates in Lindau/Germany

The shores of Lake Constance and the picturesque city of Lindau in the Southwest of Germany constitute the scenery for the annual meetings of Nobel Laureates which bring together young scientists from around the world for scientific exchange with their peers and Nobel prize winners. The academic partnership between HFSP and the Lindau Foundation unites two organizations that share the vision of science without borders and support the academic elite of tomorrow.

For the 61st Nobel Laureates Meeting from 26 June to 1 July 2011 the selection committee of the Lindau Foundation accepted 11 HFSP fellows who participated in the meeting dedicated to Physiology/Medicine.

Since the start of the academic partnership in 2005, HFSP Fellows have participated in the following Nobel Laureate meetings:

60th Meeting from 27 June to 2 July 2010 (Third interdisciplinary meeting)

59th Meeting in Chemistry, from 28 June to 3 July 2009

58th Meeting in Physics, from 29 June to 4 July 2008

57th Meeting in Physiology/Medicine, from 1 to 7 July 2007

56th Meeting in Chemistry, from 25 to 30 June 2006

55th Meeting, from 26 June to 1 July 2005 (Second interdisciplinary meeting)

For more information on the Lindau Nobel Laureates Meetings and full coverage of past events please visit the Lindau website.