Montreal, Canada - 2011

The 11th HFSP Awardees Meeting was held in Montreal, Canada from 5 - 8 June, 2011

The scientific sessions were held at McGill University. All Long-Term and Cross-Disciplinary Fellows, Young Investigator and Program Grant holders and Career Development Awardees were invited.  In all there were 24 oral presentations  and 158 poster presentations and a total of 237 registered participants.  The evening events were much appreciated, especially the trip to the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts where participants enjoyed an exclusive viewing of  the The Warrior Emperor and China's Terracotta Army exhibit.

Plenary Lectures 

HFSP Nakasone Lecture - Cell signaling at the single-cell level
Michael Elowitz, California Institute of Technology

Advancing human genetics through international cooperation and an open-access paradigm
Paul Lasko, CIHR Institute of Genetics and McGill University

Special Lecture

Lecture on Canadian Science: “The Canadian S&T enterprise: challenges in an evolving innovation landscape”
Alain Beaudet, President, CIHR


To download the 2011 Awardees meeting programme click here.