Tokyo, Japan - 2009

9th HFSP Awardees Meeting and 20th Anniversary Celebration, Tokyo Japan, 1 - 4 June, 2009

The 9th HFSP Awardees Meeting was also the occasion to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the founding of HFSP.  The scientific sessions were held at the National Center for Sciences in Tokyo. All Long-Term and Cross-Disciplinary Fellows, Program and Young Investigator Grant awardees and CDA holders were invited.  The programme featured 32 talks and 142 poster presentations from HFSP awardees.   In total there were 279 registered participants.

Plenary Lectures

Aquaporin Water Channels: from Atomic Structure to Malaria
Peter Agre, Johns Hopkins University

How experience shapes the brain
Takao Hensch, Harvard University, USA and RIKEN, Japan


To download the 2009 Awardees meeting programme click here