Paths to Discovery

At the first HFSP Awardees Meeting held in Turin in 2001, former HFSP Secretary General Torsten Wiesel commented that "the basic aim of the Program is to bring together vanguard groups of scientists from different nations, different disciplines, different cultures, to create an international community of HFSP scientists who treasure excellence in intellectual pursuits." This international community of highly-talented individual scientists has grown even richer in recent years. HFSP has expanded its support of creative young researchers in the formative stages of their careers, and renewed its emphasis on promoting novel research paths at the interfaces between different scientific disciplines.

How did individual HFSP awardees choose the problems they are pursuing, and how have their collaborations across national and disciplinary boundaries advanced their investigative paths into the complex mechanisms of life? How did HFSP postdoctoral fellows find mentors in leading laboratories across the world, and how were their scientific lives changed as a result of their fellowships? This series of profiles by science writer Geoffrey Montgomery describe the human stories behind just a few of the many illuminating discoveries made by HFSP awardees at the frontiers of the life sciences.

Elke Deuerling
A crouching dragon guarding new-born proteins

Toshihiko Hosoya
Coding rules and the dynamic logic of interpreting visual information

Roop Mallik
Nature was there first - modeling a nanoscale gear mechanism within the dynein molecular motor

Tanja Kortemme
Unraveling and redesigning the protein networks governing cellular complexity

Julia Zeitlinger
Unraveling the complex transciptional networks of genomes