CDA Review Procedure

Summary of the review procedure of the CDA proposals

The selection of the HFSP Career Development Awardees is in the hands of an international review panel.

Former HFSP Fellows (Long-Term or Cross-Disciplinary) who return to their home countries or move to an HFSP member country that is different from the Fellowship host country may apply for a Career Development Award (CDA). There is a single annual competition for CDAs. Applications are reviewed by the members of the CDA Review Committee. Each application is sent to two committee members and at least two external mail reviewers who are asked to evaluate the candidate's performance during the Fellowship, their promise for the future and the scientific merit of the proposed project. The results of this review form the basis for identifying the best applications that are discussed by the Review Committee at their annual meeting and awards are announced after the Board of Trustees meeting at the end of March. 

Applicants not selected for an award will receive a written summary of the comments received by the mail reviewers and the main points from the discussion during the Review Committee meeting.