Fellowship Review Procedure

This section describes the peer review procedure for the selection of HFSP postdoctoral fellowships.

There is one annual competition for Long-Term Fellowship and Cross-Disciplinary Fellowship awards. An international review panel evaluates applications for HFSP fellowships.

Once applications are received, their eligibility is verified by the HFSP Fellowship office. Eligible applications are sent to two review committee members for assessment based on the selection criteria established for the program. Emphasis is placed on the degree of change in the research proposed by the applicant, in alignment with the program objective of broadening research expertise of award holders.

Review committee members submit initial evaluations to the HFSP Secretariat prior to the committee meeting. In cases where the evaluations differ significantly, the application is sent to a third member.

The review committee discusses the most promising applications at the meeting; approximately twice as many applications are discussed as can be funded. The committee generates a ranked list of applications and recommends the cut-off point according to the funds available and the quality of the applications.

The recommendations of the Review Committee must be approved by the Council of Scientists and Board of Trustees before the awards are announced at the end of March.

Because of the high number of applications, it is not possible to provide written feedback to fellowship applicants.