HFSP News – 21 June 2011

In this issue:

1. Information for 2012 Long-Term and Cross-Disciplinary Fellowships now online
2. Web site update
3. HFSP Awardees and Alumni section
4. Keep up with news about HFSP
5. Impressum and Subscription info

1. Information for 2012 Long-Term and Cross-Disciplinary Fellowships now online

Application guidelines and FAQs for HFSP Fellowships are now online. The web site for online submission of applications will be opened early July.

2. Web site update

The new HFSP web site now has a strong emphasis on presenting the research performed by HFSP Awardees. Regular summaries are published of selected publications ("Awardees articles") as well as articles about HFSP awardees and other topics related to international frontier science.

News items are regularly published with information such as awards and prizes obtained by HFSP alumni, new articles published in the Frontier Science section of the web site or links to other articles of interest to the HFSP community.

Selected recent articles:

Follow your scientific instinct - CDA awardee Yukihide Tomari
Water and biological molecules probed by Terahertz spectroscopy
Tracing human lineage through ancient DNA

3. HFSP Awardees and Alumni section

HFSP alumni are all current and former grant, fellowship and CDA awardees, members of the HFSP review committees, Council of Scientists and Board of Trustees.

a. HFSP Alumni Meeting, Vienna, Austria, September 9th 2011

HFSP Alumni in Austria or who are attending the EMBO Meeting in Vienna in September are invited to participate in the first European meeting of HFSP alumni. The meeting will be held at the Research Institute of Molecular Pathology in Vienna on Friday, 9 September 2011, the day before the start of the EMBO Meeting. All HFSP alumni are invited. You can register for the meeting via the alumni section of the HFSP web site. Note that we can only accommodate around 80 alumni, so sign up soon.

b. Join the HFSP Alumni section:

Over 600 HFSP Alumni have so far signed up to the new alumni section of the web site. The alumni database can be searched to find members of the HFSP community by name, city, country, research interests and techniques used.

HFSP alumni are invited to sign up for this section and enter their personal profiles. We hope this will become a valuable resource for those who wish to find new collaborators or to make contact with members of the HFSP community in their city or country.

When you sign up, we will verify that you are in our database and then open the site for you.

c. HFSP would like to encourage current and former awardees to get together to form local or regional alumni groups. Do you already have meetings with other HFSP awardees? If so, please let us know at alumni@hfsp.org.

d. The alumni section includes a discussion forum where you can raise scientific or career-related issues, advertise open positions in your laboratories or find other alumni who will be attending alumni or awardees meetings.

e. Are you a member of LinkedIn? If so, you may add other HFSP awardees to your LinkedIn network by joining the HFSP group.This is open to all current and former awardees, review committee members, members of the Council of Scientists, Board of Trustees and the Secretariat.

4. Keep up with news about HFSP

You may keep up with changes to the HFSP web site by subscribing to RSS feeds of Announcements, Awardees articles and News. You can do this by clicking on the RSS icon on the header of each section on the home page. You can follow changes in these feeds using an RSS reader such as Google Reader or one of many client applications available for all major operating systems and smartphones. New material posted in various sections of the web site will be announced in the news section. Read more about RSS feeds.

For information about the Program see the HFSP Web site.

HFSP also has feeds on:

Facebook (open to all)
Twitter (open to all)
LinkedIn (for HFSP alumni)

5. Impressum and Subscription info

The HFSP Newsletter is issued on behalf of the Human Frontier Science Program by the International Human Frontier Science Program Organization. It contains announcements of HFSP-related matters and other information of interest to the support of young scientists and to interdisciplinary research in general. Please tell your friends, colleagues, students, etc. about this mailing list. They can subscribe via a link on the HFSP home page.

This newsletter replaces the former one that was hosted by the Universities Network, Rennes, France. You may still consult the old newsletter archive .