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Structure of a two-component 2D protein materia

Design of synthetic membrane organisers

We developed a new two-component 2D protein material able to block endocytosis of cell receptors. Our results pave the…

Cell-free synthesis of the MreB and eGFP-MreB proteins into cell-sized liposomes

Genetically programmed synthetic cells change shape

Building synthetic cells from molecular components enables the properties of biological systems to be isolated and…

An adult zebrafish showing yellow interstripes with intervening blue stripes.

How the zebra(fish) got its stripes

The zebrafish skin’s alternating pattern of blue stripes and yellow interstripes depends on light-reflecting cells…

2022 HFSP Research Grants

Call for letters of intent for 2022 Research Grants

Nematode Spindle

Ultimate proximate divisions: towards an integrated understanding of evolutionary and mechanistic aspects of mitosis

A new mechanistic model of spindle structure and dynamics explains its diversity across 100 million years of evolution.

Akito Arima

Remembering Akito Arima

HFSPO is saddened by the news that former HFSPO President Akito Arima passed away.

Crisis management: collective response of starving bacterial colonies

Crisis management: collective response of starving bacterial colonies

Social bacteria live in large groups, in which they cooperate, for example, when searching for food. To avoid…

Reference map of cell types, candidate regulatory regions, cell fate regulators etc

Mapping regulatory regions of our genome at single cell resolution in the human body

The vast majority of our genome does not encode for genes. It is unclear which parts of the non-coding genome are…

IAP survey

Survey on academic predatory journals and conferences

A call for all researchers to participate in a landmark survey on academic predatory journals and conferences.


What we can learn about vertebrate ancestry, immunology and skeletal formation from sponges

A historic HFSP research grant awarded in 1996 for the project “Invertebrate molecular immunology: alloreactivity and…

A Hibiscus trionum flower

Hierarchical wrinkles for tuning broad-angle structural colour

The cuticular nano-ridges on the epidermal cells of some flower petals can selectively display broad-angle iridescence…

Gebhard Schertler

A new generation of optogenetic tools for research and medicine

A successful HFSP research grant collaboration was instrumental in laying the groundwork for a recently awarded ERC…