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Spontaneous fluctuations in pupil size and heart rate are proxies of autonomic arousal, which is altered in neurodevelopmental disorders.

Deep learning by AI from arousal fluctuations

A quantitative, noninvasive, and highly translational biomarker for the early detection of (neuro-)developmental…

Press Release - 2019 Triennial Conference of HFSPO Members

Frontier Research Boosted by International Commitment to Top Science

Press Release - Human Frontier Science Program awards Michael Hall the 2019 HFSP Nakasone Award

The 2019 HFSP Nakasone Award goes to Michael Hall.

30th anniversary logo

30 years of support for frontier life science research

The International Human Frontier Science Program Organization established in 1989 is 30 years old!

Phyllostomus discolor, and a spectrogram of a species-specific call

Bat auditory cortex codes for vocal communication

Bats show complex vocal communication behavior and are ranked under those species capable of vocal learning. Our recent…

Cutting-edge light-shaping technology.

In vivo sub-millisecond two-photon optogenetics with temporally focused patterned light

This study demonstrates fast and precise spike generation in vivo by applying cutting-edge light-shaping technology.

Optical setup for voltage imaging and optogenetic control

Recording and controlling neuronal voltage with light

A long-standing goal in neuroscience is to record and perturb the membrane potential of multiple neurons simultaneously…

Jackdaw flock

How social relationships transform bird flocks

In jackdaw flocks, mates stick together within the crowd, at a cost to the flock as a whole.

Axonemal microtubules

Dissecting the axoneme structure

The contribution of axonemal microtubules to the length stability of the cilia was studied in vitro by developing a…

Cancer cells

ALK7 signaling pathway hinders tumorigenesis and cancer metastasis

During evolution, our body has developed several mechanisms that oppose the progression of various diseases, such as…

IR8a (green) and tuning receptor IR64a (magenta) localize to the ciliated endings of olfactory sensory neurons in the Drosophila antenna

Olfactory Ionotropic Receptors need sugar coating to localize

Ionotropic Receptors are a diverse family of sensory receptors of environmental odors, tastants, humidity and…

First Board of Trustees Meeting 1989

Celebrating 30 years of HFSP

The Japan-US research partnership: celebrating 30 years of the Human Frontier Science Program