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Technical help

Please review the following technical tips and help before starting an application or contacting the HFSP office


We strongly suggest that you write offline and copy and paste your text into the online form in case of a connection problem while saving, which in rare cases has been known to result in loss of data. However, please note that formatting and greek or mathematical symbols cannot be pasted into the forms.

It is important that you save the information you have input within 40 minutes or the connection with the HFSP website will be broken and you will lose data !!

Please make sure you log off after every session.


If you experience problems accessing the extranet site:

You might have encountered a bad internet connection and the error page is stuck in the cache of your browser linked to the address. In this case try emptying the cache and try again. It can also help if you add or subtract the final / in the web address. If all else fails, try installing another browser.


The site has been tested successfully with:

  • Windows:  Firefox > 35, Chrome > 40, Opera > 25 , Internet Explorer 9, 10 & 11
  • Mac OS X: Firefox > 35
  • Linux: Firefox > 35, Chrome > 40
  • Safari on windows and Mac OS X has only limited functionality
  • Please always use the last stable version of your browser

Download recommended browsers


For further help

For technical help with the website contact Click here to show mail address.
For help concerning the content of your application please contact the appropriate office as described in the guidelines.