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Careers at HFSPO

The Human Frontier Science Program Organization (HFSPO) is a unique organization, supporting international collaboration to undertake innovative, risky, basic research at the frontier of the life sciences. It is supported financially by 16 countries and the European Commission. Since 1990, over 8500 researchers from more than 70 countries have been funded. Of these, 29 HFSP awardees have received the Nobel Prize.

The Organization has seen much progress over recent years and is on the verge of implementing its new Strategic Plan. The Secretariat, which implements the Program, is reorganizing its departments, teams, and work practices to better position itself to ensure the successful implementation of the strategy.


HFSPO holds strong shared values, which align with promoting scientific excellence at the frontier of life science. HFSPO takes pride in its distinct culture which contributes to scientific excellence through paradigm shifting international, interdisciplinary and collaborative research. HFSPO values diversity, equity, inclusion, accessibility, open science and sustainability and is committed to the highest ethical standards of integrity, accountability, independence and impartiality, transparency, respect and professional conduct. On this basis, the Program supports and nurtures individual scientists at all stages of their careers and the scientific community at large.



We only recruit for job openings posted here and following a formal, competitive application process.