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Our Shared Values

Supporting scientific excellence at the frontier of life science has been the overarching mission of HFSPO since its very first days. HFSPO takes pride in its distinct culture which contributes to scientific excellence, through high-risk high-gain research that is paradigm shifting, interdisciplinary and collaborative at an international level for the benefit of all humankind.

This culture is firmly grounded on shared values of diversity, equity, inclusion, accessibility, open science and sustainability. 

HFSPO is committed to the highest ethical standards of integrity, accountability, independence and impartiality, transparency, respect and professional conduct, and promotes these standards in the conduct of research. 

Our culture and ethical standards are closely intertwined with fundamental human rights and mutual openness, which are at the core of innovation and responsible, inclusive, open science and freedom of research and research support.

On this basis, the Program supports and nurtures individual scientists at all stages of their career and the scientific community at large. It is the collective creativity of this community that drives the Program in the service of society. 

In summary, HFSPO embodies and bases all its operations on these shared values:

our shared values

Scientific Excellence at the Frontier of Life Science


  • International Collaboration 
  •  Interdisciplinary Science
  • High-Risk High-Gain, Paradigm Shifting Research 
  • Integrity and Transparency 


The Ecosystem of Scientific Excellence  


  • Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Accessibility  
  • Open Science and Freedom of Research
  • Community of Scientists 
  • Science in the Service of Society