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The 2023 class of HFSP Fellows

HFSPO announced today the 52 fellowship awards to the world’s most outstanding young life scientists.

The International Human Frontier Science Program Organization (HFSPO) announced today the 52 fellowship awards to the world’s most outstanding young life scientists, chosen from a total of 429 submitted letters of intent through rigorous international selection. The HFSP fellows come from 22 countries and will work in 10 HFSP member countries and represent a total HFSPO investment of over USD 12 M. They will begin their research in a new field of biology in a laboratory in a new country, in accordance with HFSPO’s aim to promote international collaboration in life science research.

The 2023 class of HFSP Fellows
Photo by Alena Darmel from Pexels


HFSP announces the 52 young researchers who will challenge traditional thinking by investigating, among other things, antigen recognition in skin cells, the neuromodulation of decision-making, bacterial rotary nanomachines and by developing wireless ultrasound monitoring for freely moving animals.

HFSP Long-Term Fellowships are for postdoctoral scientists in biology. A total of 46 Long-Term Fellowships will be awarded to the very best of the world’s young scientists who have proposed original approaches at the frontier of life science research.

HFSP Cross-Disciplinary Fellowships support 6 young scientists with a Ph.D. degree outside the life sciences, such as chemistry or physics. These fellows will make a bold change in research direction by leaving their field of training to embark on research that is at the interface of biology and neighboring disciplines.

HFSP’s fellowships enjoy an excellent reputation. They also offer a built-in return component as the fellows can use the last year of their tenure to repatriate to their home country or another new location to begin setting up their own independent laboratory. HFSP provides these outstanding young talents with an enhanced financial package for three years to support their career in frontier research.

The lists of all 2023 HFSP awards are available at

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