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HFSPO to help scientists affected by the war in Ukraine

HFSP promotes innovative, cutting-edge research at the frontiers of the life sciences ‘in the spirit of science without borders and for the benefit of humankind.’ It does so through peaceful international collaboration, which depends on the democratic values of freedom and the right to self-determination and cultural expression as essential conditions for meaningful scientific exchange.

Considering these fundamental values, HFSPO:

  • Condemns in the strongest terms the unjustified military invasion of Ukraine by the Russian Federation, in violation of Article 2(4) of the Charter of the United Nations;
  • Strongly supports the people of Ukraine, as well as the independence, sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine;
  • Deplores the loss of life and human suffering caused by the Russian Federation and its impact on the scientific community in Ukraine.

In accordance with basic values embedded in its mission, HFSP will not engage in new collaborations with the Russian Federation and its institutions until further notice.

‘Scientists for scientists’

To help scientists suffering from the current conflict, HFSPO is launching an initiative by “scientists for scientists”. In these efforts, HFSPO appreciates the financial support of a number of its Members.

HFSPO encourages and calls upon the global HFSP research community, through its currently supported frontier research grants and postdoctoral fellowships, to propose initiatives to help affected scientists. These initiatives should be connected to the scientific activities of their respective HFSP Research Grant or Fellowship.

For this purpose, HFSPO welcomes brief proposals. For further details about the application process, please contact the HFSPO Secretariat (Click here to show mail address).

This initiative will remain open until further notice or as long as resources remain available.