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Gut origins of the “runner’s high”

Gut origins of the “runner’s high”

The motivation for exercise varies greatly from individual to individual. A new study, performed by the HFSP Research…

The Decades-Old Mystery of Red Blood Cell Production Finally Solved

The Decades-Old Mystery of Red Blood Cell Production Finally Solved

A decades-old mystery has surrounded the identity of the cells responsible for producing erythropoietin (Epo) - the key…

. Local neural assembly activity captured in the somatosensory cortex using 2-photon calcium imaging. Active neurons appear yellow; the circular cell bodies can be seen along with neural processes (dendrites and axons). The dimensions of the figure are 400 µm x 400 µm.

Local and global brain activity dynamics are coordinated, but only during conscious states

Cortical assemblies, groups of neurons which tend to coactivate together, are considered to be fundamental units of…

“Dark microbiome” and current generation of instruments make it difficult (if not impossible) to detect evidences of life on Mars

“Dark microbiome” and current generation of instruments make it difficult (if not impossible) to detect evidences of life on Mars

Scientist have poked the surface of Mars for more than 40 years searching for evidences of life. They never expected to…

Cells responding to the bacteria in vivo

Sensory cells taste cerebrospinal fluid to fight brain infections

Sensory neurons pick up information from our senses and relay it to the rest of the nervous system. But this is not…

Fruit fly cages used to map genetic basis in dietary conditions with low and high sugar.

Dietary stress determines which genes regulate lifespan

Are the genes that regulate a trait always the same regardless of the environmental conditions in which organisms live?…

Regenerative Bioelectronic Neural Implants developed by Alexander J. Boys, HFSP Fellowship Awardee 2020

Regenerative Bioelectronic Neural Implants

Bioelectronic neural implants are devices embedded in our bodies to treat some injuries, for example, member implants…

HFSP Postdoctoral Fellowships 2024: applicants should carefully read the application guidelines.

2024 HFSP Postdoctoral Fellowships

Call for Letters of Intent: the submission period opens on 15th March and ends on 11 May 2023

. The period to initiate an application for the 2024 cycle will open end of January 2023 and ends on 21 March 2023. The deadline to submit the Letters of Intent is 30 March 2023.

HFSP Research Grants 2024: Call for Letters of Intent

Designed to stimulate new research lines based on international scientific collaboration, the HFSP Research Grants…

Snapshot of an E. coli colony displaying morphological instability and roughening after 37 hours of growth. The image shows maximum-intensity projections of the confocal optical slices taken at different depths in the medium

Bacterial colonies or a branching head of broccoli?

In the lab, bacterial colonies usually grow in streaks in flat dishes, but until now no one has known how the colonies…

The grey mouse lemur, the smallest species of primates, has excellent vision. More than one-fifth of its cerebral cortex is dedicated to visual processing to allow for enough "pixels". Copyrights to the HFSP awarded research team: Daniel Huber, Fabien Pifferi, and Jinhyun Kim. The image is the front cover of the first issue of HFSP Science Digest.

HFSP publishes its first Science Digest

The Science Digest is a compendium of some of the world’s most imaginative and bold research in the life sciences.

3D rendering of an in silico simulation of the Drosophila embryo at the onset of gastrulation. Darker blue indicates greater apical surface constriction. The red line indicates the region of greatest tensile stress working as a ‘cheese cutter wire’ indenting the ventral tissue and initiating embryo gastrulation.

The embryo puts on a string to initiate gastrulation

Gastrulation is the process via which the embryonic epithelium is remodeled and different groups of cells are…