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Poster session Tsukuba

20th HFSP Awardees Meeting

The first online meeting of HFSP awardees and alumni will be held from 5 to 8 July 2021.

Martin Loose

Getting off the train – how a molecular motor and signaling lipids distribute, deposit and activate proteins

Neurons are highly polarized cells with one long axon and several highly branched dendrites. How this complex…

Muscle building

The Hippo pathway controls muscle growth

During animal development, initially small muscles need to grow dramatically to produce the high forces needed for our…

Brown adipocyte

Control of mitochondrial cristae and respiration during cold stress

Cellular respiration relies on mitochondrial cristae, but the mechanisms controlling their formation, especially during…

Cortex and striatum

Shared activity across brain structures

The cortex and striatum are two brain structures that work together to drive a wide range of functions. These…

Chimaera Tessarae

Something fishy in skeletal evolution

Vertebrate skeletons are typically made of bone, but those of sharks and rays are largely unmineralized cartilage, the…

Schematics of heat conductivity measurements

The mystery of intracellular heat

Measurements of heat conductivity in living cells, a key factor defining the speed of heat diffusion, has revealed a…

Schematic representation of the newly developed SPR/LW-SAW sensor

A combined optical and acoustic biosensor to better understand surface-binding events

Finding new approaches to study biomolecular interactions and biointerfaces is of great interest in the fields of…

Lego pieces can be used to build complex devices

The making of a transcription switch

Small DNA segments known as enhancers control when and where a gene is transcribed, but how the sequence of an enhancer…

Recording of single neuron electrical activity in mice

How the brain computes unexpected visual motion

Our own movements create visual motion on the retina. The brain must account for this self-generated visual motion to…

Novel microscopy methods unravel the mechanical interaction of T-cells with small particles

Measuring forces during T-cell activation

An international team of researchers have developed a traction force microscopy platform which allows the pulls and…

Antibiotics change intracellular dynamics through molecular crowding

Antibiotics change intracellular dynamics through molecular crowding

While the molecular targets of antibiotics are well characterized, much less is known of their system-level effects. We…