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Data resources

The dawn of a new era for data resources in the life sciences

The GBC launches the first round to identify and select Global Core Biodata Resources

Enhancing proteins through computationally-guided, back-to-ancestor engineering

Fast and efficient folding of very ancient proteins

The sophisticated folding-assistance machinery in modern cells is a complex product of evolution. Plausibly, the most…

Termite king, queen and workers

How do termite queens and kings stay healthy for decades?

Kings and queens of social termites can live for decades, with the queens sustaining a nearly maximal fertility. We…

Cell-to-cell variability in DNA alkylation repair as a source of genetic plasticity.

Phenotypic variability as a source of genetic diversity

Biological processes exhibit stochastic fluctuations. Whether these fluctuations affect the fate of cells in the long…


Energy emergency to fat facilitation: how hummingbirds take advantage of torpor

Torpor, a short-term low-metabolism state, allows many small animals to save substantial amounts of energy, but the…

Myonuclei aggregate at an injury site where they locally deliver mRNA for cellular reconstruction

Muscles can self-repair after exercise without stem cells

Our muscles are mechanical organs prone to damage. Whereas severe injuries require stem cells for muscle regeneration,…

2023 HFSP Research Grants

Call for letters of intent for 2023 Research Grants

Haim Treves

The metabolic features of the fastest growing photosynthetic cell

Photosynthesis has shaped much of the world as we know it, driving our climate, nutrition and energy resources. Fueled…

Yutesu Kuruma

Approaching the mystery of the emergence of life through building cells

In 2020, an HFSP Research Grant – Program was awarded to Yutetsu Kuruma, W. Benjamin Rogers and Anna Wang to…

MOFA Japan

“Japan month” at HFSPO

Despite the ongoing travel restrictions, Prof. Kabat, accompanied by Deputy Secretary-General WATANABE Masami, was able…

Experimental design with S. cerevisiae cells

Genomic features shaping evolutionary adaptation to DNA replication stress

Evolutionary adaptation is the process by which organisms change or acquire features over time in response to new…

Electra Gizeli

Unravelling the complexity of membranes

In 2020, an HFSP Research Grant – Program was awarded to Electra Gizeli, Toshio Ando, Andrew J. Spakowitz and Marino…