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A confocal micrograph of biofilm clusters of Vibrio cholerae

Bacterial collective behavior protects against predator attack

Bacteria commonly experience the threat of predation by grazing macroscopic organisms, viruses, and even other bacteria…

Transmission electron microscopy image of an oocyte

Modelling the lifecycle of "Candidatus Midichloria mitochondrii" using electron microscopy data

The majority of arthropods live in strict symbiotic relationships with bacteria that provide them with nutrients or…

Max Planck Institute for Brain Research / J. Kuhl

Local protein ‘factories’ support parallel computing in the brain

Numerous ribosomes were caught ‘in the act’ of making protein near thousands of brain synapses using super-resolution…

Pseudo-color rendering of EB1-GFP comets,

Sloppy microtubule growth leads to catastrophe

Dynamic reorganization of the microtubule cytoskeleton is crucial for cell function and survival. Yet, the ability of…

Lunch Consul General and Mme Trautmann

Lunch with the “Mother of HFSPO”

On 9th September, Secretary-General Professor Pavel Kabat, accompanied by Deputy Secretary-General Masami Watanabe,…

Ambassador Ihara meets with Pavel Kabat

Meeting with Ambassador Ihara

On 30th August, Secretary-General Professor Pavel Kabat, accompanied by Deputy Secretary-General Masami Watanabe,…

Daniel Witvliet

Eight nematodes’ brains reveal rules for brain maturation

We have used state-of-the-art electron microscopy to reconstruct the full brain of eight C. elegans individuals to…

Preleukemia was initiated upon mutations in GATA1 in trisomy 21 hematopoietic stem cells

Finding the origins of leukemia in Down syndrome

The first genetic alterations in childhood leukemia often occur during fetal development. This is also true for…

LiftPose3D uses deep learning to infer 3D poses from 2D poses derived from images

Lifting animal pose estimation to new (three) dimensions

A new deep learning-based tool enables 3-dimensional (3D) pose estimation in laboratory animals using a single camera…


Decoding how salamanders walk

Press Release by Tohoku University, 30 July 2021.

HFSPO welcomes two new members to the Board of Trustees

Henriette van Eijl and Seong Gyu Kim have been appointed as representatives of the European Commission and the Republic…

Passation de pouvoir

Passing the baton at HFSPO

Eurométropole Strasbourg thanks outgoing HFSPO Secretary-General and welcomes his successor