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Mapping regulatory states within individual chromatin fibers

Active cis-regulatory elements (cREs) in the genome are characterized by increased physical accessibility of DNA to…

Different budding yeast strain

Evolution can quickly change cells' deepest foundations

New study demonstrates that evolution can quickly and reproducibly change conserved features involved in the…

HFSPO business continuity measures during the coronavirus pandemic

HFSPO has implemented measures to minimise the disruption caused by the COVID-19 pandemic on its operations, while…

Man and mosquitos

Parasite shape is essential to cause malaria

Malaria parasites transmitted by the mosquito vector are slender and curved cells optimized for very rapid migration…

Cancellation 20th HFSP Awardees Meeting

The 2020 HFSP Awardees Meeting in Leuven, Belgium, 5 to 8 July, has been cancelled.

New-born mouse transduced with CRISPR/Cas9-Cre construct

NOTCH pathway identified as most common driver of head and neck cancer

A recent study led by HFSP Career Development Awardee Daniel Schramek has identified a common molecular mechanism that…

The origami of the fruit fly embryo – the cephalic furrow

Mechanical force makes precise origami in animal embryos despite “noise”

Mechanic force is a double-edged sword, reining in the noise it itself generates to ensure precise folding of an animal…

Sea Urchin

Uncovering the mechanisms of decentralized vision in sea urchins

Sea urchins have no eyes, yet they can respond to light and accurately react to visual stimuli through photoreceptor…

D. sechellia flies on their host fruit Morinda citrifolia (noni)

The making of an olfactory specialist

Animals display diverse behaviours that are adapted to their particular ecological niche. Very little is known about…

Day Gecko

Enabling technology for everyday use: the role of subsurface structures for biological adhesion

Mechanisms of gecko adhesion revealed

Angelika Amon

Press Release - Human Frontier Science Program awards Angelika Amon the 2020 HFSP Nakasone Award

The 2020 HFSP Nakasone Award goes to Angelika Amon.

Intestinal villi (blue) with neuronal fibers (red)

How do microbes communicate with neurons?

Gut microbiota influences the function of many organ systems, including the nervous system, but the molecular…