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MINEFLUX image of the nuclear pore complex

Resolution revolution

MINFLUX, a new super-resolution microscopy technique, achieved an unprecedented optical resolution in 3D, dual-color…

Moth wings

Transparency improves camouflage in terrestrial prey

Why have some cryptic moths evolved partly transparent wings? Experiments monitoring survival of artificial moths…


Novel method to use insect antennae as odour sensor in a flying robot

We have designed a special algorithm for identifying olfactory information from an insect antenna and shown how these…

MicroRNA-137 enhances tumor growth and local invasion of pancreatic neuroendocrine tumors, while the microRNA-23b cluster promotes liver metastasis.

MicroRNA dynamics during cancer progression

In this study, we demonstrated that microRNAs (miRNAs: one kind of RNA molecule produced by noncoding DNA - often…

a multitude of grid charts?

Can alternative grid maps be expressed by the same neurons?

Grid cells have been thought to provide a single, universal, spatial chart, that in humans may be applied also to…

Retinal ganglion cells (RGCs) in the adult mouse retina

New ways to save injured neurons

Many neurons in the central nervous system fail to survive following injury or in neurodegenerative disease. To find…

Olfactory learning in the zebrafish brain

Complex odors made simple

How do our brains decide whether a smell, such as the odor of an aromatic cheese, is perceived as pleasant or…

Microscopes equipped to travel

Configurable microscopes, equipped to travel, offer a route to expanding advanced application-specific microscopy access

Despite the rapid growth of advanced, custom microscopies that are able to reveal dynamic biological processes within…

Call for Letters of Intent for HFSP Research Grants

For award year 2021

Artistic impression of co-transcriptional ribosome assembly

Watching how the ribosome assembles in real-time

All cellular proteins are synthesized by ribosomes, which are large macromolecular machines that are composed of many…

Flocking Jackdaws

Plasticity and the transition to order in jackdaw flocks

New study reveals plasticity rules of interaction driving collective behaviour across different contexts.

Chimeric grafts to study the contribution of the subcutaneous fascia (red) and skin cells (green) during the wound healing/scarring process

How do scars form? Fascia function as a repository of mobile scar tissue

In the riddle about the origin of scar tissue, researchers have reached an important next step. A team led by Helmholtz…